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Nakhchivan through the eyes of representatives of leading mass media

By the organization of State Support Fund to the Development of Mass Media, the representatives of leading mass media paid a visit to Nakhchivan on 31 May-2 June. In the frame of the visit they  got acquainted with the historical-cultural monuments, production, cultural and educational facilities, places of interest of the ancient land. They shared their impressions with us.

Vugar Safarli - the executive director of State Support Fund to the Development of Mass Media: “We have been visiting Nakhchivan for the second time with representatives of various media organs. Our first visit was in October last year. We came with a team consisting of 20 people, mainly chief editors then. We held a conference here to expand contacts with media organizations.We visited Nakhchivan and familiarized them with the historical monuments. After the first visit the country’s press published articles about Nakhchivan and its development.

This time the aim of the our visit is to hold an event dedicated to the role of media in the development of tourism in Nakhchivan. Nakhchivan possesses  a great tourism potential. This should be broadly covered in the media. We decided that media managers should write broad articles on Nakhchivan’s tourism potential after returning”.

Mushfig Alasgarli - Deputy chairman of the Press Council of Azerbaijan: “Living in a blockade for more than 90 years, but there is no analogue in the world of such development as it does to undermine the effects of this blockade. There are quite a lot of tourist destinations and historical sites in Nakhchivan. Last year we visited Alinja fortress, Duzdagh and other monuments. In fact, this region has a great tourism potential and I consider that Nakhchivan will be one of the destinations that foreign tourists enjoy to visit.

There is a good infrastructure in Nakhchivan to visit and enjoy tourism facilities. Transport and security are at the highest level. The city’s view is also very beautiful. Here is a strange synthesis of ancient Oriental architecture and the combination of the modern urbanization style that can not be found elsewhere. As you now modern buildings, skyscrapers in the modern world, seriously impact the classic urban planning architecture. But Nakhchivan is one of the unique places where both historical architecture and modernity are united. We believe that if journalists and media of Azerbaijan show their potential great work can be done to promote the tourism potential of Nakhchivan”.

Bahruz Guliyev – the chief editor of “Sas” (voice) newspaper: “There are quite a lot of museums, historical monuments and recreation centers in Nakhchivan. Here operate natural treatment facilities as well. All these make conditions to develop tourism in Nakhchivan. It is known that issues are implementing of programmatic nature in this area. The press has a great deal of work at some points. I think there is a need for information on the character of advertising. The press should do its duty about Nakhchivan.  I can say that in general, in recent years, fundamental works are being carried out in Azerbaijan to promote tourism potential and tourism development. In this regard, significant measures are carried out in Nakhchivan. It is the duty of our press to display Nakhchivan’s tourism potential in the world. The media should provide information in several languages. I think that every media organ should make concrete projects and carry out a systematic work to promote Nakhchivan and its tourism potential  in Azerbaijan and in the world”.

Rashad Majid - the chief editor of “525-ji gazet” (the 525th newspaper): “Nakhchivan is a land of Azerbaijan that we should always love. We must do our utmost to develop this land possessing ancient history. Great attention is paid to the historical monuments of Nakhchivan. During our last visit, when we were in Alinjagala, we were very surprised at the restoration works implementing in such complicated area and thought that it was a manifestation of respect and reverence for our past and our culture. At the same time it was possible thanks to great organizational skills. Especially when we got out of there at night, the lighting of the road to the castle and the spectacular appearance made us impressed. This is the result of great labor and love.  I am grateful to the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic for his attention paid to our history and   for the restoration of this ancient monument which occupies a special place in the history of Azerbaijan. It is duty of Azerbaijan’s media to do its utmost to promote and propagate Nakhchivan’s progress in tourism and other areas. I was especially impressed by Duzdag. Great work has been done there. There are many people coming from nearby countries to receive treatment. What we saw at the Nakhchivan Automobile Plant also made us very happy. The beautiful “NAZ-Lifan” cars are an indication of the industry’s strong development in the autonomous republic. We wish that this development will increase more and more”.

Vugar Rahimzadeh - the chief editor of “Iki sahil” (two coasts): “Today, in Nakhchivan, important work are implementing to preserve both historical traditions and national heritage. Nakhchivan, in general, is one of the places where the most sacred places are situated in. For example, we visited Ashabi-Kahf Sanctuary, Momuna khatun, Prophet Noah’s tomb and Khan Palace. These are, in fact, facts proving that Nakhchivan is an ancient settlement. Today, Nakhchivan has become one of the most modern cities in the world, not only in Azerbaijan. The work done in Nakhchivan is an example. Nakhchivan has changed its appearance today. I was at the automobile plant for the first time. The cars produced there are really nice and modern. 20-30 years ago we could not imagine that Nakhchivan would have an automobile plant like that. I think this is a great achievement. As you know, the number of tourists visiting Azerbaijan is increasing year by year. Of course, to Nakhchivan too. I follow the visits of foreign ambassadors in Azerbaijan to Nakhchivan and their good impressions about the autonomous republic by the means of the media. Indeed, Nakhchivan as an integral part of Azerbaijan possesses great opportunities and I think that we have great responsibility and honorable task in this work. It is a responsibility that displays the works have been carried out in Nakhchivan. It is the duty of every citizen”.

Zulfiyya Guliyeva- the reporter of “” website: “This is my second visit to Nakhchivan. Actually, I did not know that Nakhchivan had such great tourism potential. Every inch, every stone of this land has history. That is why we can say with confidence that there are great opportunities for the development of the tourism sector in Nakhchivan. What drew my attention here most is the attention paid to the preservation of historical and cultural monuments. This is very important. After seeing all this, as a media representative I will prepare a wide range of reportages about Nakhchivan’s sightseeing places, historical monuments and tourism spaces. The publication of such articles in the media is important for the promotion of Nakhchivan’s tourism potential. Therefore, the media should contribute to the development of tourism in the autonomous republic”.


Namig Aliyev – the chief editor of “Palitra” newspaper: “In recent years, under the leadership of our respected President, special attention is paid to the development of the non-oil sector. Tourism is one of the main fields of non-oil sector. Today, many countries in the world pay great attention to tourism. Because tourism is one of the most profitable areas.  For example, I remember, I read in the article that there are countries where tourism constitutes 10 percent of their gross domestic product. This is a very big figure. Azerbaijan has a great potential for tourism, including Nakhchivan. Tourism itself is a large area. It also has many brunches.  For example, religious tourism, medical tourism, historical tourism. All of them exist in Nakhchivan.

If you are traveling to any country, first of all they try to get you acquainted with the historical monuments. Because historical monuments are the people’s history and their symbol. From this point of view, there is a great potential for the development of historical tourism in Nakhchivan. Nakhchivan is an ancient land. For example, one of the most ancient living camps is Gazma cave near the Tananam village, Sharur region. This cave is a monument belonging to the Stone Age.  There are people who are really interested in seeing such caves. We also have historical monuments of other periods like this. For example, the Atabayler state was not only connected with Azerbaijan. This state covered all Anatolia, Iran, and the present Iraqi territory. Many people who live in those countries and who are interested in history may want   to see monuments of that time in the city of Nakhchivan, which once was the capital of the Atabayler state. Or those who want to see Alinjagala which Amir Teymur besieged for 14 years but failed to occupy,  may visit the autonomous republic. That's why we must propagandize.

Sadarak, where I was born and grew up is also an ancient dwelling place. There are also residential settlements of all periods. All of these open up wide opportunities for us to promote Nakhchivan”.

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Date: 13-08-2020
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