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Nakhchivan through the eyes of the representatives of leading mass media

By the organization of State Support Fund to the Development of Mass Media, the representatives of leading mass media paid a visit to Nakhchivan on 31 May-2 June. In the frame of the visit they attended the conference holding at Nakhchivan State University on the topic “The role of mass media to promote the tourism potential of Nakhchivan”, got acquainted with the historical-cultural monuments, production, cultural, educational facilities, places of interest of the ancient land. They shared their impressions with us.

Hikmat Mammadov – The chief editor of “Yeni Azerbaijan” (new Azerbaijan) newspaper, the Member of Parliament: “Grounding on my own observations I can say that although Nakhchivan is an old land it is also a modern city. The construction traditions preserved since old times are continued successfully now. My heart is full of with the senses of honor, pride that today, Nakhchivan,  on the border of three countries is developing, growing and improving. The people live in prosperity here. The autonomous republic has a great tourism potential. Nakhchivan was one of the centers of history and political past of Azerbaijani people. But I think that it is a bit unfair to connect the name of Nakhchivan only with the political history of Azerbaijan people. Because, Nakhchivan  city and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic as a whole is one of the most important cultural centers of Middle East and the Muslim world.  Therefore,  Nakhchivan has become one of the developing tourist centers in the world today. Because all the peoples living in a large Muslim geography from North Africa to the Middle East can find something belonging to their backgrounds and cultures.

Information about Nakhchivan and the issues of interest to tourists are not limited to. We know that the esoteric information “Noah legend” is associated with Nakhchivan. If considering it and the existence of the grave of Noah Prophet in Nakhchivan, it is a very interesting fact for every citizen and tourist. Nakhchivan is an encyclopedia of our national memory. Here you can meet with each page of the history of five thousand years old urban planning. Just Garabaghlar tomb gives enough information about ancient history and culture of Nakhchivan. A great infrastructure for tourism development is formed in Nakhchivan. We witnessed it. Even in the most remote villages, there are modern highways. The comfortable ways have been built and schools have constructed in the remote villages. The people here have very high spirit of patriotism. I think that this beautiful land with its resources is able to create a huge tourism potential. Important work has been done in this direction. Today, when we were in the exhibition of goods produced in Nakhchivan, we saw products to be sold in the international market under the brand “Made in Azerbaijan”. It covers a wide spectrum from automobile production to food products. Therefore, I think that Nakhchivan will become one of the most developed tourist centers of Azerbaijan”.

Agil Abbas –The founder “Adalat” (justice) newspaper, the Member of Parliament: “I enjoy the construction, renovation and greening work implemented in Nakhchivan. Rural tourism model used in Europe is being applied in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic for many years. On the other hand, lots of touristic places in Nakhchivan  make real opportunities for the development of this industry. The historical monuments, rich nature, air, water, natural treatment centers are the treasures of Nakhchivan to offer tourists. Sahbuz is paradise, Ordubad is pearl of this land. In other words, if you’re anywhere in Nakhchivan, there is a strange peculiarity and beauty of each location of its own. Every inch of Nakhchivan land where Noah stepped possesses antiquity and nationalism. Let me tell you a strange fact. Syria’s soil is red and unusual land. I have always been interested in it, it is said, all the prophets were born in Syria. Therefore, the very land is strange. Then, when I was in Nakhchivan for the first time I saw that Nakhchivan’s soil is also red. What is it?  The Prophet stepped here too. Therefore, Nakhchivan land is sacred”.


Hasan Hasanov- The chief editor of “Khalg gazeti” (People’s newspaper): “Every journalist makes notes at the end of his visit and shares his impressions with the readers, audience. The ethics and duties of our profession require that the information that we prepare, the articles that we write should reflect the reality, to be objective. There is no shortage of topics in Nakhchivan. Therefore, the indicators in all fields and in socio-economic fields are quite high in Nakhchivan. The construction and reconstruction work in Nakhchivan has wide scope. Business covers all the society in Nakhchivan. I think that Nakhchivan should be an example to our other regions. Nakhchivan should be taken as a model. Nakhchivan is a model of efficiency. Nakhchivan is a model of good practice. Nakhchivan is a model of intelligence. Nakhchivan is a model of modernity. Nakhchivan is a model of achieving high renaissance in a short period of time. The “Khalg gazeti” which I lead has close ties with Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic   since many years. There are more than one hundred authors of us in Nakhchivan. All of these authors are thoroughly professional, thoroughly intellectual people. They cover the subject in a very wide and detailed way. Facts are accurate. When read their articles you are sure once again that, Nakhchivan is the homeland of the true patriotic people. Indeed, there is very high tourism potential in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, the media representatives have a great responsibility to promote and advertise the very tourism potential and big challenges are ahead us. I think we will cope with these tasks.

We visited Sadarak, Sharur, Kangarli, Ordubad, Shahbuz regions. We met the soldiers and officers serving on the front line in Sadarak. Imagine, Heyderabad district and Sadarak is located at a distance of 150-200 meters from the enemy post. But the normal course of life continues. We were confident that our lands, our borders are protected very safely.  We were assured that the Azerbaijani army, exactly, is one of the most powerful armies in the world. Our army has been equipped with the most modern weapons, and it allows us to say confidently that the day of liberation of our lands is not far.

Frankly, it was the first time that I was in Ordubad. I have been to various history-ethnography museums   in other regions of Azerbaijan. But I admit that I have not been to a museum that would affect me in the museum in Ordubad. It is a very rich museum. This museum reflects our history and rich culture from the Paleolithic era to the modern history”.

Vusala Mahirgizi-The President of “APA Holding”: “This time our visit to Nakhchivan has a great importance to promote Nakhchivan’s tourism potential not only in central media as well as in the foreign countries. I think our visit, of course, will expand this issue, we will popularize information in central media about the places we went to. But all the same, I think that, in addition, in the future the heads of travel agencies, journalists covering various fields, representatives of marketing companies should also visit Nakhchivan. Of course, we discussed these issues at the conference.

 I think one of the key issues to promote in Nakhchivan is stability, the high level of security here. This is one of the most important factors for tourism and, this security is one of the best resources today along with Nakhchivan’s beautiful nature, good mineral waters, established infrastructure.   So let’s say, the tourism infrastructure is ready to accept tourists in Nakhchivan. In any region of Nakhchivan that we visit there is an internet infrastructure along with other infrastructures even in the remote villages and one of the most exciting   spheres in today’s world is the sphere of online shopping. For example, we are living in Baku, and I can see that original products are produced in Nakhchivan. Because these products do not contain genetically modified food. They are quite natural, but also eco-friendly products in terms of health and tourism. The mineral water, the salt of Duzdagh, Nakhchivan’s plum, its famous honey, fish, jams are appreciated by everyone. Friends, acquaintances always ask to bring these products from Nakhchivan. It is also one of the main factors in the potential for tourism”.

Sevil Mikayilova- The chief editor of “Azernews” newspaper: “My impressions about Nakhchivan are great. When I saw this land for the first time, the cleanness, the order in the towns and villages made good impressions on me. I feel myself in completely another world. We visited the places of interest of Nakhchivan, witnessed its comprehensive development. I sincerely say that Nakhchivan has the potential to become a great tourism center. Duzdagh is a place having no analogue in Azerbaijan and in the world. Every journalist should promote Duzdagh both in Azerbaijan and across the world, and should attract tourists to such miraculous places of Azerbaijan. Nakhchivan’s historical places possess antiquity and majesty. Nakhchivan is an exemplary place having a bright future”.




Sevinj Seyidova – The chief editor of “Hafta ichi” (weekdays) newspaper: “Nakhchivan’s promotion needs to deal with. I would like more journalists come to Nakhchivan in the future. They should also get acquainted with Nakhchivan. Or a competition should be declared about Nakhchivan, its places of interest and development. The autonomous republic is a model in many aspects- the implemented construction works, the historical-cultural heritage, rich culture, cuisine, nature, order and so on. I think that, it is everyone’s duty to promote   blockaded Nakhchivan’s modern development and tourism potential as a journalist and as a citizen. I am proud of what I have seen in Nakhchivan. This is the beating heart, the thinking brain of Azerbaijan”.

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Date: 13-08-2020
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