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Beybit Isabayev: “This visit is a beginning of joint projects between Nakhchivan and Kazakhstan in education and economic spheres”

The extra ordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Republic of Azerbaijan paid a visit to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

The diplomat got acquainted with the historical monuments, cultural facilities and several industrial institutions of Nakhchivan in the frame of his visit. The guest expressed his impressions.

“It is already two years that I am the ambassador of Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan. This is my first visit to Nakhchivan. Nakhchivan is a very interesting region. The city is very beautiful and clean and the inhabitants are very kind and hospitable. The main goal of my visit is to get acquainted with Nakhchivan, to hold formal meetings, as well as acquaintance with educational and production facilities.

Here I witnessed that the economy, agriculture, as well as service sectors have developed in Nakhchivan. I visited business center yesterday. I was informed about the products produced in Nakhchivan. I learned that Nakhchivan supplies itself with electricity and exports as well. The plants and factories made impressions that Nakhchivan has developed much recent years. All these make Kazakhstan people happy. I was very pleased with my visit. I wish success all Azerbaijan people and her integral part Nakhchivan. This visit is a beginning of joint projects between Nakhchivan and Kazakhstan in education and economic spheres. This year, during the official visit of Kazakhstan President NursultanNazarbayev to Azerbaijan, our presidents have signed several agreements.We are now working on their implementation.We have very good projects in the field of railway, transport, energy, agriculture and other areas”.

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Date: 13-08-2020
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