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The participants of the international conference left Nakhchivan with good impressions

As it was informed, on June 7-8, the international conference on the topic “The Monuments of Turkish-Islamic Culture of Nakhchivan: History and Today”  was held. After the plenary and division meetings, the participants of the conference got acquainted with the monuments reflecting Turkish-Islamic culture of the autonomous republic. During the visit, the participants of the conference familiarized themselves with the Turkish-Islamic culture of Nakhchivan, shared their impressions:




Naila Valikhanli - the director of the National History Museum of Azerbaijan, academician: Nakhchivan is not only one the most ancient cultural centers of Azerbaijan but also whole world. The autonomous republic possesses very significant monuments preserving traces of Turkish-Islamic culture. The monuments created here both before and after Islam reflect the history and rich culture of Nakhchivan. Those monuments have been survived till now.  At present under the leadership of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Mr. Vasif Talibov such monuments have been restored. The existence of these monuments proves that Nakhchivan is an ancient Turkish land and local people have been living here throughout centuries creating their own history and unique culture. In this regard, Nakhchivan as the capital of Islamic culture in 2018 will have wide opportunities to promote its history, cultural richness and we do believe that all the Islamic world will get acquainted with its richness.

Husein Yurttash - the head of the Study of Art department of Erzurum University, professor: Historical-architectural monuments in many regions of Nakhchivan are the distinguished monuments among Turkish-Islamic cultural monuments and show Nakhchivan’s history and cultural richness. History proves that Nakhchivan's geography possessed a great culture. These are the monuments that have preserved this culture till today. I am glad and proud of that the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Mr. Vasif Talibov carries out great works to preserve this history and to pass it coming generations. Recent years a number of historical monuments have been restored, various international conferences are held here related to the history of Nakhchivan. I must note that I was in Nakhchivan in 2012. It has not been a long time since. But believe that Nakhchivan has become more and more beautiful in this short period of time. It is possible to see development and revival everywhere in Nakhchivan. It makes me very happy.

Bahram Ajarli- Teacher of Tabriz Art University, philosophy doctor on history:

Azerbaijan created the richest and brilliant architecture samples of the Islamic world during the Middle Ages. In monuments created by the architect Ajami Nakhchivani, we see it as a real example. Generally, Nakhchivan is a land of very rich history and culture. What we have seen during our visit to historical monuments, and at the same time, speeches at the conference once again proved this. It is important to note that Nakhchivan has great love and love for history. A lot of work has been done to restore the historical monuments. Generally speaking, ancient and modernity in Nakhchivan gives grounds to say that Nakhchivan occupies a special place in the Islamic world.

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Date: 13-08-2020
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