The nature of Azerbaijan and all

other infrastructure existed in

Azerbaijan enables tourists to

come to our country.

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Nakhchivan has made good impressions on Chinese tourists

The purposeful measures taken in the direction of tourism development in the autonomous republic yield their fruit. The created infrastructure condition, to increase the quality of the service provided for tourists affected to the number of tourists coming to Nakhchivan in a short time. The good impressions of a group of Chinese tourists  prove it.

Jou Lee, one of the tourists said that it is his first visit to Nakhchivan. He is an engineer by profession. Before, he had been in the capital city Baku in connection with his job but he has not have any information about this land. He is very pleased to spend his vacation with his seven friends in Nakhchivan this time. Highlighting the high level of all hospitality services which started from the airport, the Chinese guest noted that the national dishes prepared here are very tasty.  He also said that he would share his impressions of the Ashabi-Kahf sanctuary and museums in Nakhchivan via social networks.





Another Chinese citizen, Lee Bouen, said he watched Duzdagh with admiration, saying that for the first time he heard about the possibility of salt treatment here in Nakhchivan. Other visitors of the Duzdag mine confirmed this. Noting that they are closely acquainted with the Nakhchivan city within the framework of the three-day tour program, tourists talked about cleaning here, numerous historical monuments as well as the tidiness at restaurants where they are met with high hospitality. They are surprised at the modern development scenes of Nakhchivan, located far from the capital of our country, tourists, who liked the roads and the cleanliness of the streets, also said that after their   visit to Nakhchivangala, the tomb of Prophet Noah, their imaginations changed much. They also learned that Nakhchivan is the capital of Islamic Culture and the Youth Capital of Azerbaijan this year and they have got information about ancient architectural monuments. They also noted that they got enough information about the importance of Nakhchivan on the historical Silk Road, as well as about modern development and foreign economic relations. On the last day of their visit they did shopping at the markets and shops in the city, and we witnessed the interest of tourists to local wines, dry fruit and Nakhchivan salt.

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Date: 25-01-2021
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