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Dimitry Volovey: It has only a name - it is a real fantasy. Cities like Nakhchivan are rare in the world

The representatives of customs service of Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova and Azerbaijan are on business visit to Nakhchivan to attend the 26th meeting of the Steering Committee of the GUAM Trade and Assistance Project.

In the frame of the visit the guests got acquainted with the historical monuments, tourism objects of the autonomous republic, they closely monitored the working principles and operation of the border crossing points of Shahtakhti and Sadarak.

The representatives of the customs service of GUAM gave an interview about Nakhchivan.

Vakhtang Lachkaradze, Deputy Chief of Revenue Service of the Republic of Georgia expressed his gratitude for the hospitality and said:

“I did not expect to see such wide greenery and beautiful buildings. We were taken to customs crossing complexes in Nakhchivan - on the Iranian border, on Turkey’s border. New buildings are being built there, completely modern infrastructure is going to be built. This will lead to simplify the customs businessand will accelerate trade”.


DimitryVolovey,the head of the Strategic Management Department of the Customs Service under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova expressing his satisfaction for being in Nakhchivan stated that such cities are few in the world:

“I witnessed everything here - cleanliness, greenery and construction.If I would say that being here was a good thing for me, it would not be right, it has only a name- it is a real fantasy. Such cities are very rare in the world. You are really happy people living in such prosperous land. Even though I have been to Azerbaijan several times, I am in Nakhchivan for the first time. And this has made wider impression on me about your country”.

Oleg Semenenko, themember of the Advisory Council on Foreign Relations at the State Fiscal Service of the Republic of Ukraine stated that Nakhchivan’s election is the right step for this conference.

“We are here for the joint development of transit and trade in the frame of leadership committeeof GUAM. We have been acquainted with the work of several customs checkpoints in the region today. Here we ourselves have witnessed the efforts for the convenience of citizens and better organization of the business. We became acquainted with the rich cultural heritage of this place. Here we witnessed the achievements gained in furthering the welfare of the population. Be sure, we will take this information to our homeland and, in a good sense, will be the lobbyist of your country”.

Oleg Semenenko said that they will show this land as an example of business establishment, management and relationships in his homeland. I express my deep gratitude to the head of the Autonomous Republic for this hospitality and kind attitude.

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Date: 24-09-2021
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