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Nakhchivan left rich impressions on European guests

As we reported earlier, ambassadors of European countries to Azerbaijan and other guests visited the autonomous republic to attend the "European days" held in Nakhchivan on September 21-23. Within the framework of the visit, the European guests visited the historical monuments and cultural establishments of Nakhchivan and got acquainted with the economic, educational, tourism and cultural spheres of the autonomous republic. The diplomats shared their impressions on Nakhchivan with the employees of the "Sharg gapisi" newspaper.

Kestutis Yankauskas - Head of the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan: - This is my third visit to Nakhchivan. Your region is very beautiful. Especially the cleanliness and hospitality here draws people. During my previous visits I had an opportunity  to take a walk in Nakhchivan, I can say that, the high mountains and mineral waters here are very attractive to me, as a Lithuanian. I think that opportunities to increase the number of tourists to your country, including the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, are vast. Therefore, efforts should be made to increase the number of European tourists traveling to the Republic of Azerbaijan, including the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in the upcoming period, tourist agencies should work in this direction, and we should know each other more closely. I think that intense tourism relations will bring us closer.

We were very pleased with our meetings here. We witnessed a creative approach to the work that people have been doing at meetings with both business and education. At the press conference, we were asked many interesting questions. At the school named after Heydar Aliyev, Nakhchivan State and "Nakhchivan" universities, we witnessed the activeness of pupils and students. It's great not only for me, but for all European ambassadors too. The event held in Nakhchivan to get acquainted with people interested in studying in Europe and interested in European Union-supported education and small business projects has been a great opportunity for both people living here and for us. The interest of thousands of people to the "European town" organized in Nakhchivangala really delighted us. In terms of acquaintance with other cultures and making new friends it has been unforgettable day. Indeed, we return with a deep impression from this land.

Bert Skufs - Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium: - First of all, I would like to emphasize that Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic may serve as an example for some European countries for their achievements in using renewable energy sources. Fortunately, today Belgian companies are contributing to this field. They have achieved successful results in the establishment and operation of the solar power station in Nakhchivan.

Many countries have emphasized the importance of ensuring energy security, but they are unable to achieve significant results in practice. In Nakhchivan specific results are achieved in usage of alternative energy sources, in fact, energy security is ensured. We hope that this area will be further developed in Nakhchivan in the future.


Viktor Szederkenyi - Ambassador of Hungary: - When I was at the airport, I felt the pure air and cleanliness of this place. When you come to the city center, you see Nakhchivan is rich in each aspects. The hospitality and sincere attitude of the people made me in a good mood. History and culture have been reflected in the face of Nakhchivan as centuries-old value. We observed Nakhchivan has a great tourism potential. And this is an important base for tourists who want to come to Nakhchivan from European countries. Within the framework of the event, we got the necessary information on Nakhchivan's economy, including industry and agriculture. At the same time, I think about the prospects of cooperation in the field of education. In general, the "European days" in Nakhchivan allowed us to get to know this ancient region of Azerbaijan more closely. I would also like to point out that Nakhchivan and Hungary have great potential for cooperation in various fields of economy, as well as in education. I hope that these partnerships will be further developed.

Nikolay Yankov - Ambassador of Bulgaria: - Relations between Azerbaijan and Bulgaria are successfully developing in cultural, economic, military, diplomatic and other spheres. Today, I am pleased to visit the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, an integral part of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Despite being here for the first time, as if I have been to this native land many times. The cleanliness of your city, the hospitality and kindness of people attracted my attention at first glance. Here we held high-level meetings with entrepreneurs and got detailed information on the rapid socio-economic development of Nakhchivan. In the future, we will further expand and strengthen our cooperation in many areas between the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and Bulgaria.


Johan Shitterer - Adviser of the French Embassy in Azerbaijan on culture and cooperation issues: - I am very pleased to take part in the "European days" held in Nakhchivan. There are stands of embassies of EU member states in the Republic of Azerbaijan here. These stands reflect the culture, traditions, tourism potential and education of France, and other countries. Today, Nakhchivan and France have cultural relations. For more than 10 years, French and Nakhchivan archeologists have been conducting joint archeological excavations in the ancient city and have achieved successful results.

It should be noted that an exhibition of archaeological finds found in Nakhchivan will be held in Baku on October 25 of the current year. Nakhchivan has wonderful nature, fresh air and beautiful people. In the future, our visit to this beautiful land will intensify for a high level of development of relations between France and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Arya Makkonen - Ambassador of Finland: - First of all, I would like to say that the great interest of local people in the "European days" has attracted my attention. On the other hand, Nakhchivan is very clean and neat. While we were here we saw that in Nakhchivan, energy supply at the expense of alternative sources is very high. This is an important indicator, a great achievement.

Today, education in Finland's relations with Azerbaijan and its Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic can be further developed. From history we know that 100 years ago our country was very poor. However, thanks to sound education, we have become economically strong country today. This once again shows that education plays an indispensable role in the future development of each country. I would also like to point out that today Finland is one of the most advanced countries in the world for the use of alternative energy sources at the expense of highly qualified personnel trained as a result of good education. In this sense, the work done in the course of development of education in Nakhchivan can lead to great achievements in the future. I hope we will continue our cooperation with your country in the field of education and the usage of alternative energy sources.

James Holder - Second Secretary for Political Affairs of the British Embassy in Azerbaijan: - For the first time, I am in Nakhchivan. This beautiful city, which has clean air, delicious food, hospitable people, and tidy streets admired me. Despite living in Baku for several years, I have been delighted to come to Nakhchivan, a native of clean water such as "Sirab" and "Badamli", a lot of food and fruits and I enjoyed being acquainted with this beautiful city. Historic monuments and newly built buildings are built at European standards. Of course, this attracts the attention of other foreign guests who come to Nakhchivan that incorporates the East and West style. A spectacular event within the framework of the "European Days" is more important for us to become more closely with Nakhchivan and its people and further strengthen bilateral relations with the autonomous republic. Holding such an international event in your city shows that in Nakhchivan truly tolerant atmosphere has been formed and multicultural values ​​are being experienced and developed in the ancient land.

Umberto Boeri - Deputy Chief of Mission of the Italian Embassy: - I've come to Nakhchivan for the first time. Based on my impressions, I can say that the influence of the ancient land is incredible for those who come here for the first time. Clean air, neatness, hospitality, tranquility increase the attractiveness of Nakhchivan. We are surrounded by people's sincere attitude and kindness. The hospitality was very satisfying. Especially when we had dinner in one of the local restaurants, Italian music was sounded, I felt like I was in my own country. In short, Nakhchivan is a unique place for its cultural richness. Sincerely, I would like to come here often if I have time.

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Date: 04-08-2020
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