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The impressions of guests from Adjara about Nakhchivan

The guests from Adjara shared their impressions about autonomous republic.

Marica Khalvashi-The collaborator of Adjara Autonomous Republic the Ministry of Health, group leader, doctor: “"I express my deep gratitude to Mr. Vasif Talibov, the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic on behalf of the parents of the children coming here. As we know, as a result of care and attention of the head of autonomous republic, the children of low-income families come to Nakhchivan every year and are treated here. They treat us with hospitality and are always interested in the treatment of children. The children and their parents see the results of the treatment. All necessary conditions have been created here. The effective organization of children’s leisure time is also in the focus of the attention. Today we have visited sightseeing places of Nakhchivan city. The children got detailed information about your history, culture, art and other fields by the means of this visit. I must note that the organization is at a high level. We have already been to several museums, have got information about historical monuments of the city. The children liked the antiquity and beauty of your city”.

Khatuna Kvirikidze-parent: “For a parent, what could be more important than the healthy growth of her child.  Unfortunately, my 15-year-old son began to suffer from upper respiratory diseases. Frankly speaking, our family's financial income is low for the treatment of our child. This made me very upset, and I was afraid my son's illness would increase. But it made me very happy when I heard about the free treatment for the children from Adjara by the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Mr.Vasif Talibov. During his treatment I see the good results in his health. I express my gratitude to the organizers for all these created conditions”.



Nino Didmalidze-pupil: “I have heard about Nakhchivan. I was so glad to learn that I was included to the group to get treatment. There are all necessary conditions for the treatment of upper respiratory diseases at Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center. As I suffer from this illness I believe that I will recover completely. I hope that other children in need can benefit from this opportunity. It is very interesting for me to visit different countries. We are shown necessary care and are interested in our treatment. When I return my school I will share my pleasant impressions about Nakhchivan with my friends”.




Marian Soidze-the smallest member of the group: “I came here with my mother. We have been going to the cave for a few days, which is like a magic ice palace in the fairy-tales, stay there for several hours. It is the first time that I sleep in a salt cave and I sometimes think that now a fairy will come out of the wall and will recover all the children with her magic stick. I'm very happy for   my parents. Because, they are also very happy when see my health is improving. For a few days my mother is very glad which makes me very happy. Thank you very much for everything!”



Luka Rushadze-pupil: “It is very pity that it is our last day in Nakhchivan. But I am very glad that we had the chance to get acquainted with ancient Nakhchivan. We visited sightseeing places, museums, sports complexes of the city during our stay. One of the most interesting places for me in Nakhchivan is the caves in Duzdagh. I have heard that people from Azerbaijan and even from different countries of the world come for treatment. And this is my first visit to Nakhchivan. This is, really a boon and a source of health for everyone. We will come back with impressions that will never be forgotten. . We will share all pleasant impressions with our friends about these places. If they ask me how Nakhchivan was, I will talk about the historical monuments and the beautiful nature of the ancient land.  I will say that it is a place where friendly, kind,  tender people live” . 

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Date: 13-08-2020
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