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The heads of Task Group of Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project of World Bank visited Nakhchivan

The reforms, which were laid by national leader Heydar Aliyev and currently implemented by the head of state, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, give positive results. Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project has an important place in the programs providing socioeconomic development of the regions of our country. Within the framework of the project financed by the Government of Azerbaijan and the World Bank a lot of measures are being carried out in different regions of our country, as well as in the autonomous republic.

Within the frame of Azerbaijan Rural Investment Projection, the heads of Task Group of World Bank,  Satoshi Ishihara and Tara Sharafudin paid two-day visit to Nakhchivan. A meeting was held in the Ministry of Finance of  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and exchanged views on the projects. The guests shared their impressions about the visit to the autonomous republic.

Satoshi Ishihara: “The main purpose of our visit to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is to meet with our partners here, to ensure sustainable economic growth and diversification of the autonomous republic, as well as discussing  the possible directions of the World Bank  activities in support of human capital development. At the same time, we exchanged views on preparations for the implementation of the third phase of the project. The aim of this project is to improve infrastructure services in rural settlements, to support the activity of municipalities,   the production of agricultural products and more.

At the same time, I would like to note that I have been to Nakhchivan before and great changes have taken place here over the past period. Important infrastructure projects have been implemented in all regions of  the autonomous republic. In particular, important steps have been taken in the villages to live and work, new roads have been built, service facilities have been commissioned, and the necessary conditions have been created for the municipalities. I hope that our cooperation with our partners in the autonomous republic and our cooperation with the communities here will allow us to achieve significant successes”.

Tara Sharafudin: “This is my first visit to Nakhchivan. But I have heard a lot about the autonomous republic.  I have had information about the cuisine, pure organic farming products, minerals, mineral waters.  During our stay in Nakhchivan, we exchanged views in the meetings held related to the project. I think that mutual understanding will form the basis of our future successes. At the same time, I would like especially to emphasize that   there are necessary conditions for the activity of municipalities. They contribute to the protection of the environment, transportation of domestic wastes. Along with the city of Nakhchivan, cleaning in the villages is very strictly protected. I have had very positive impressions on the region. I would also like to note that Nakhchivan is open to innovations and it is a region that always exemplifies these exemplary innovations. I believe that our mutual cooperation will contribute to the work done”. 

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Date: 04-08-2020
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