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Children from Adjara are very satisfied with the conditions created for them in Nakhchivan

Acquaintance with Nakhchivan has made a rich and interesting impression on the guests from Adjara.

The collaborator of the Ministry of Health of Adjara Autonomous Republic, doctor Marika Khalvasi, shared her impressions:

“First, I would like to express my gratitude to the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Mr. Vasif Talibov on behalf of me and the parents of the children who came here. As we know, as a result of care and attention of the head of the autonomous republic, every year, children of low-income families in Adjara come to Nakhchivan for treatment.  We are met with great hospitability and they are always curious about the children’s treatment. Our children are here for several days, and we see the effect of treatment. Good conditions have been created for treatment. At the same time, children’s acquaintance with the city was also taken into account during our stay. Organizing is at a very high level. We have already visited several museums and have got acquainted with the historical places of the city. We enjoyed the ancient and the beauty of your city”. Acquaintance with Nakhchivan made a rich and interesting impression on the guests.

Parent Dali Kekishvili from Adjara also joined the conversation and said:

“This is my first visit to Nakhchivan. It is a very interesting place. Your ancient, modern, clean city fascinates people. I am here for the treatment of my son. I express my gratitude to the organizers”.





Children who come to Nakhchivan for treatment from Adjara Autonomous Republic are also satisfied with the conditions created here for them. Beka Bolkvadze is in the 8th form. He said:

“This is my first visit to Nakhchivan. Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center is a great place. Good conditions have been created here for the treatment of patients. I feel myself very well from the first day. I believe that I will be fully treated here”.




Irakli Turmanidze is in the 10th form. He also shared his impressions:

“I have had information about Nakhchivan. I was so glad when I learned that my name was in the list of group going to Nakhchivan. We were informed that the head of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic regulates the treatment of children with upper respiratory illnesses every year. So I’m very grateful. I want other children in need of health to benefit from this opportunity”.




Nini Davitadze, a student of 5th form, is also very happy to come to Nakhchivan:

It’s very interesting for me to visit other countries. I liked Nakhchivan. Here they care about us, they are interested in children. In the new academic year, I will share my good impressions on Nakhchivan with my classmates”.





We must note that the bilateral relations between Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan and Adjara Autonomous Republic of Georgia have entered a new stage of development as a result of mutual visits since 2012. Since then, cooperation has been expanding in various fields, including healthcare. Every year, free treatment of children suffering from respiratory diseases in the Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center from Adjara Autonomous Republic is a continuation of the activities carried out in this area.

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Date: 04-08-2020
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